Saree Shades Of Yellow- The New Gold For Any Occasion


If you choose to be a showstopper at any event this season, then nothing beats a flared and lightweight Liva saree in a vibrant yellow hue. In recent years, yellow has taken on a new life as the go-to colour for everything from weddings to fashion. Whether it's a canary yellow diamond or a yellow designer saree, yellow has become the new gold for any occasion. It's a wonderful way to give your photos a splash of colour.

Yellow isn't just for haldi

Yellow sarees are as versatile as they come. Making a fashion statement by donning a yellow saree is more than just a trend. It has become one of the top colours for sarees and one of the most popular colours in fashion. The tendency of the colour yellow to bring brightness into our life makes it unique and gives it an exquisite appearance while lifting up our spirits.

Most Trending Shades of Yellow


If you wish to make a style statement then nothing beats a flared and lavish saree in a bright yellow hue. With the brightest shades of yellow, get ready to instantly spark a feeling of freshness to any event you wear it to. A yellow saree in Liva fabric with elaborate pallu motifs would wrap around you in a soft and comfortable embrace while also being lightweight. navyāsa organza saree brings you the vibrancy of traditional prints fused with modern designs, expertly crafted by masterful artisans. The fabric has a pleasant and soft feel to it while also being extremely durable.


Are you looking to break out of the repeated pastel hues or dark undertones this season? Then mustard is the colour for you! It will bring a subtle sparkle and crisp feel to almost every celebration. This delicate shade is perfect for an evening event where you'll dance the night away with your friends and family. navyāsa's extensive collection of mustard Liva saree in crepe is an ideal combination of traditional finesse and slashing design for the wedding season. Because of its unique crinkly and wavy appearance, crepe fabric is particularly suited for premium sarees. It is expertly woven from silk and the texture is stunning this season.

Golden Yellow

Get ready to slay any event with a striking blend between contemporary and traditional golden yellow Liva satin saree. It sure is a fail-safe ensemble to wear to a wedding. With a golden yellow saree, you can make glitter and sequins an integral part of expressing your joy during special occasions and no one can ever have too much of them. Choose a saree with sparkling beauty that will catch everyone's attention. The Liva satin saree with close embellishments will make you appear ten times more graceful than usual. If you want to go for a classic appearance, opt for a navyasa’s sunny blossom sunflower saree that assures comfort and glamour at an intrinsic level. Whatever yellow hue you decide on, finish the appearance with gold jewelry as an accessory.

Pastel Yellow

If you choose to go for a modern diva look with minimal efforts, go for pastel yellow saree. Pastel yellow radiates sophisticated vibes and is suitable for modern themed events because it strikes the appropriate mix between subtlety and vibrancy. Latest Liva saree collection in pastel hue with borders is tailor-made for the wedding season. The saree's rich appearance and feel are attributed to the liva georgette fabric, and its subdued yellow hue makes you a showstopper. To finish the look, accessorize this saree with gold or silver jewelry.

With options ranging from glamorous georgette to breezy crepe to lovely organzas, yellow sarees have both traditional and contemporary styles. There are many designs of yellow liva silk saree with intricate patterns and embroidery that can be worn on special occasions like weddings or festivals. For a glamorous style quotient you can opt for yellow saree at regular times as well such as parties or family functions.

As you continue your quest for the finest designer saree for a wedding or festival, keep in mind that the fabric is what makes the saree. Let it be noted that the fabric or material, regardless of the designs, patterns, and colors, is what genuinely lends class, comfort, and liveliness to designer sarees. Liva fabric is made from cellulosic fibers derived from plants, which is incredibly soft and pleasant and allows you to move freely throughout the day without feeling inhibited. The fibers used to create Liva fabrics are obtained from renewable wood and are ethically sourced from carefully managed forests.

You can choose from a wide variety of yellow sarees from navyāsa in a variety of fabrics. For every occasion, Liva-printed yellow sarees have become a bolder choice.

Published at: 26-12-2022