Why owning an organza saree is simply non-negotiable



What is the entire buzz about organza sarees? Why is there a huge rush to snap up that perfect organza saree online? If you’ve been pondering over these questions, suffice it to state that they are simply the next big thing! Once you’ve gone through this piece, you’ll know why owning an organza saree is a must! What are organza sarees?

You can invest in designer organza sarees for your wardrobe; they will serve you well at numerous social occasions. In fact, there are styles and designs to suit every preference. If you venture to a leading brand like Navyasa, you will find floral organza sarees and many other varieties of the finest quality. Why are these sarees making such a splash in the saree lexicon? Organza is a premier silk with a special appearance, ideally suited for parties, cocktail gatherings and even slightly more formal occasions.


Organza sarees have their own regal allure, being held synonymous with luxury, charisma and a larger-than-life personality over the years. They may initially seem delicate and super-smooth although they are actually quite strong and durable. You can instantly identify organza sarees for their heavy fall and sheer material.


Why organza sarees are irresistible


Some call organza a child of silk. While this may slightly romanticize the story of its origin, it can be said that the fabric is traditionally woven in several parts of the world including India, France, Italy and even China. Italy is where one finds the most superior organza fabric of all, namely Deluxe Silk Organza. Synthetic fabrics like polyester and nylon, while often used for organza sarees, are avoidable since they are not as comfortable, sustainable and soft.


It is not just about using silk; LIVA organza takes things to another dimension with its fluidity, softness, and sustainable quotient. It assures comfort at an intrinsic level while being completely derived from natural resources. The fabric feels gentle and welcoming on the skin while being thin and lightweight at the same time. Minimalism thus comes alive with the right organza printed saree or even a designer variety with floral patterns for instance.


A major benefit offered by these sarees is their subtle sparkle and crisp feel. These two elements make them coveted options for almost every celebration, be it parties or weddings. Organza sarees with intricate Pallu designs are also preferred by connoisseurs these days. Those looking for something to play up their curves will also fall in love with these sarees. Their firm fabric neatly expands the frame from a visual perspective.


Organza sarees represent timeless weaving techniques and hand-crafted finesse. Threads are used for these sarees in order to enhance the finish and tensile strength alike. After meticulously combing the yarns, the strands are neatly woven and twisted for ensuring the famous texture that it is known for! The weave stays strong in spite of appearing fragile at a first glance. And if you are opting for LIVA organza, then you will be in for a treat! This premium fabric, as mentioned, is soft and super-comfortable while being sourced in an environmentally conscious manner. It offers fluid and rich drapes and is made from a mix of modal fibers and silk. You can identify it with its translucent and sheer texture along with its shiny and lightweight feel.



Tips on wearing organza sarees


Organza sarees have been popular picks for women over a long duration although they are witnessing massive traction in recent years. Here are some tips worth noting for wearing them like a diva.


  • The drape itself shines beautifully especially when it sports embroidered patterns, threads, and motifs that stand out.
  • These sarees require some care while you’re draping.
  • With more folding and pleating, the saree seems to expand at its turns. 
  • For a nicely streamlined figure, reduce the pleat count.
  • At the same time, leave the pallu elegantly hanging over the shoulders. 
  • Do not try to pin or fold up the Pallu.
  • A free-dangling Pallu is always the key towards acing the look with an organza saree.
  • A darker shade is also recommended instead of choosing louder colour though it depends on what you truly like.

On that note, here’s to thoroughly cherishing organza sarees and getting hold of the finest designer varieties for your wardrobe without further ado!

Published at: 21-03-2022
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