Why a Navyasa saree is a must-have for your wardrobe? 



In the quest for that perfect saree, many of us want different things for sure. Yet, they’re all assimilated into a single and universal story- Sarees that look great, sport engaging designs, are crafted from the finest materials and ensure superior comfort and quality. Doesn’t this sound just about right?

On that note, you may have already heard of Navyasa which has fast built up a reputation for its scintillating latest saree designs and premium quality. But it’s not just fancy saree design that you’re looking for right? Whatever your requirements, Navyasa has an answer, courtesy of its vast line-up of products and a lot more! 

Here are the top reasons why a Navyasa saree is a must-have in any wardrobe. 

  1. Attractively Designed Collections

Be it floral Navyasa sarees or sarees with elegant patterns, the collections are a sheer treat for the senses! Check out the latest Navyasa saree collections like Delicate Brushstrokes, Colors in Cascades, or Monochrome Fireflies, and you’ll see what we mean! The motto at Navyasa is to create sheer art that is wearable and free-flowing, allowing you to make a unique statement as it were. 

Designs are in sync with modernity while allowing a diverse mood-board for creativity, quirks and innovation to flourish. Versatility is the middle name of Navyasa’s saree collections as you will find something to suit every taste. From workplace dressing to social events and even parties, these tempting collections will have your back with their fabulous prints, chic and fashionable motifs and of course, the riot of colours. 

  1. Unique Vision

Any Navyasa saree by Liva is born out of its unique vision- To bring the saree out of the conventional cocoon and showcase its sheer versatility, haunting elegance, and uber-fashionable styles. With Navyasa, you literally wear art on your sleeve, enjoying free-flowing, vibrant and creative sarees that are a manifestation of the brand name itself- Navya or new + Rasa or the art inherent in everything. 

  1. Sustainable Creations

Floral Navyasa sarees and other varieties are high on the sustainability quotient. Each saree is crafted from Liva fabrics which are naturally sourced. Sustainability is the core DNA of Navyasa, ensured through natural fabrics coming from renewable wood and responsibly sourced via sustainably managed forests. And that’s not all; they are biodegradable and crafted with considerably lesser resources, making for environment-friendly options to synthetic and natural fibers. With Navyasa, you don’t just buy a saree; you also contribute towards the environment in your own little way. 

Navyasa makes use of a manufacturing system with eco-friendly techniques, raw material recycling and resource conservation alike. While you enjoy wearing comfortable, breathable and soft sarees, they also help in saving water. Navyasa has saved 100000+ litres of water till date while having planted more than 500000 trees simultaneously. There are more than 1636640 beneficiaries as well! 


  1. Splendidly Crafted Fabric


As mentioned, environment-friendly fabrics are made from Liva, using responsibly sourced modal and viscose that come from renewable birch, eucalyptus, aspen or maple wood in turn. Wearing each saree is a treat, with the sheer breathability, comfort, softness and light weight on offer. Stay fluid, free and energetic throughout the day without compromising on the style quotient. 


The best offerings include Liva Georgette for a unique finish and texture, Liva Crepe for enhanced softness and fluidity, Liva Lite for staying cool in summers, and Liva Organza for premier textures and luxurious appeal. Oh and there’s Liva Satin too which ensures free-flowing opulence, silkiness and a lovely drape. 

As can be seen, there are a million reasons to choose Navyasa sarees, though we’ve pinpointed only a few. Pick up one of these beauties and you’ll instantly experience the truth of the brand’s tagline- You don’t wear a Navyasa saree, but rather, it wears you. Say yes to this combination of creativity and comfort today! 


Published at: 21-03-2022
Tags: Why a Navyasa saree is a must-have for your wardrobe?