How To Drape A Saree In Different Styles For Your Party



The craze for the latest floral print sarees is not unfounded! After all, people are going crazy for various types of floral print sarees, right from digital floral print sarees to other innovative saree designs. But why floral prints? They’re increasingly being perceived as more refreshing and versatile in terms of wearing to diverse occasions and events and also for their overall soothing look and appealing designs. These are factors firmly driving demand for these beautifully crafted sarees without a doubt! 


On that note, here are the best options you can consider if you were shopping for a floral print saree online.


  • Lightbox Flowers Saree 


One of the best floral Navyasa sarees out there, this beauty makes use of an X-ray photography inspired theme for unveiling the magical secrets concealed within the flowers. These are crafted to ensure true perfection in terms of aesthetics while being made of the finest LIVA fabric for the utmost comfort and quality. 


  • Breezy Blossoms Saree


These are designer and fancy sarees from the house of Navyasa which are understated yet elegant. They sport either charming lavender or pink quartz and you can take your pick from any one option. They are crafted from comfortable and glamorous LIVA georgette material and are suitable for parties and other occasions. You will love the charming sprinkling of floral motifs over the alluring base. 


  • Tulip Orchard Saree


This saree is a steal, offering pristine light blue and magenta + maroon options which are truly hard to pick from! Crafted from high-quality LIVA crepe for all-day comfort, they can be worn throughout the day or even for festive occasions. You can even choose them for an upcoming party, especially for their gleefully abstract yet eye-catching design. 


  • Twilight Garden Saree 


This saree deserves special mention, showcasing a compelling floral design motif all over a delightful lilac base. This is ideal for parties, festive occasions and daily-wear purposes alike. In fact, you can get this saree in an ethereal shade of lavender as well, or even light blue which stands out even more with the flowers neatly painted on it. 


  • Floral Signatures Saree


The core USP of this stylish saree is its LIVA georgette material which ensures a special touch unlike any other! This will delight you with its vivacious pastel hues of either lilac or rousing yellow. You can even choose the blue variety for its resplendent nature! This will make you stand out at the next party for sure! 


  • Nectarine Blooms Saree


True to its name, this saree showcases some of the most compelling floral designs that you will ever find! Summery, effervescent and ultra-comfortable, courtesy of its LIVA crepe material, this saree will delight you immensely to say the least! You can get this in a choice of white, maroon or olive colours, all of which look mesmerising against the riot of flowers emblazoned over them. 


These are some of the best sarees you will find online if you are looking for charming floral prints that are highly trending this season!

Published at: 05-01-2023