Exploring the best fabrics for designer sarees



They say that designer sarees are poetry in motion, indicating all that is best, most elegant and most attractive about the ubiquitous garment. Agreed, designer varieties have their own glamorous appeal that cuts across borders, age groups, and styles. While you can be flaunting the latest designer party wear sarees, there are some that are equally good for weddings and similar occasions. 

However, while you continue your quest for the best wedding or party wear designer saree, remember that the fabric maketh the saree. At the risk of sounding rosaic, let it be said that the fabric or material is what truly adds class, comfort and verve to designer sarees, irrespective of their designs, patterns and shades. So what are the best fabrics for designer sarees? Here’s taking a look! 

Top Fabrics for Designer Sarees

While you will find many varieties of designer sarees with prices that are 
competitive, here’s taking a closer look at some of the best fabric options that you can consider. 

  • Chiffon

    Nothing beats chiffon when you think of the finest designer sarees in recent times. A quick fancy sarees online shopping odyssey will tell you about the popularity of this material in recent years. Chiffon is created with a unique technique of weaving, making it easier to drape and lightweight in nature. Chiffon sarees are not dainty darlings as they look, but are actually quite strong and durable! Of late, women prefer chiffon designer sarees for festivals and special occasions. 
  • satin

    Satin designer sarees are also upping the style quotient at parties and gatherings. They have a shimmery vibe that looks flamboyant yet elegant. Satin can be draped easily, while being resistant to wrinkles and durable. Satin sarees are versatile and can be used to shine at both day and evening occasions. A tip that you can use is to look for LIVA satin which is crafted from a unique mix of natural fibers. This luxurious fabric has a fluid and soft vibe while ensuring a lovely drape and a wrinkle-free, lustrous finish.

  • Georgette

    Georgette designer sarees are non-fussy and non-complicated, coming in diverse hues and are suitable for regular usage as well. The soft and lightweight fabric is a major plus point along with its easily washable attributes that save time and heartburn alike! Who said designer offerings can’t be low maintenance? Just take a look at your Georgettes and you’ll know! And of course, if you’re seeking something extra in terms of comfort and overall sustainability, look for LIVA Georgette offerings. Trust us, it will be eco-friendly, softer and more comfortable than ever before!

  • Crepe

    Crepe fabric is considered ideal for premium sarees, owing to its one of-a-kind crinkly and wavy look. It is woven immaculately from silk (of the hard-spun variety), polyester or wool and the texture is something worth admiring! These sarees have a crisp and elastic vibe that is hard to match. Crepe fabric has a slimming effect, infusing oodles of grace into any party or formal look. Another advantage is that crepe does not require as much ironing, which saves time and hassle in turn!

  • Organza

    Organza is a premier saree fabric that is clearly having its time in the sun in recent times! It offers a soft and comfortable feel while offering ample durability in turn. Organza sarees have captured the imagination of contemporary customers especially for festive occasions, parties, and the like. 


Now it gets confusing- Which fabric do you choose?



Pro Tip

Pro Tip- While choosing saree fabrics, you can definitely consider LIVA that re imagines and restructures fabrics, adding more fluidity, softness, sheen, drape and enhanced comfort while being sustainable and derived from nature itself. 


ow that you’ve got an idea about the best fabrics for designer sarees, explore mesmerizing saree collections at the likes of Navyasa for adding oodles of style to your wardrobe!

Published at: 21-03-2022
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